Tuesday - Friday
3pm- 7:30pm
9am - 1pm

Congratulations to the following skaters for their Fall Skate 2014 Medal and Ribbon Achievements

Lexi McGrath    Novice Women -  Silver ,   Emma Blanchet  Juvenile Women U14  - Gold

Abbie Morrison   Pre Juvenile Women U14 - Gold,  Stephanie Forget  Jr Silver Women -  Bronze

Nicole Morrison  Sr Bronze Women -  Gold,  Erica Nowlan  Star 4 -  Gold

Kerrigan Adams  Star 3   Gold Ribbon,  Dominic Tulpan Star 2  Bronze Ribbon

Congratulations to the following skaters for placing at the 2015 Sectional Competition

Abbie Morrrison    Pre Juvenile Women U 14   Silver     Emma Blanchet  Juvenile Women U 14   Gold

Madison Legacy  Juvenile Women U 14  Silver               Lexi McGrath  Novic Women    Silver

The Mariposa Christmas Ice Show will be held this Saturday, December 13th from 1:00-2:30pm in Rink A at the RedBall Internet Centre. Tickets will be available to purchase at the door.